Monday, March 21, 2011

Never knows best.

I got a new watch today. A Vostok Amphibian aka "Scuba dude", modded by some dude to take Seiko inserts.
I would show it off if I had a fucking camera that didn't make all pictures pitch black. (Acer Liquid, shit phone cam)

From Wikipedia:
"The Vostok Company was founded in 1942 when one of the Moscow watch-making plants of the First Moscow Watch Factory was evacuated to Chistopol, a small town located on the Kama River inTatarstan.[1] Only defense equipment was produced during the war years, but as soon as the war was over the company started making mechanical wrist watches. However, the Company did not begin using the "Vostok" brand name until the 1960s. *Presumable "Vostok" brand was named after the Vostok space program, which gave the initial advancement of the USSR in the Space race(as some others soviet watch brands, named to space topics in 1960s - Poljot and Raketa)."

Math test tomorrow. Will probably fail. Boo.


  1. Sounds pretty nice. I wear a fossil watch myself. :]

  2. So did you pass the test? I wish you luck. Watched - goooood one my friend! keep it going.

  3. <3 never knows best...that's above my Post a comment box on my blog.

    Hope you did good on the test!